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Shezhen Luohu DeHeng Legal Services Centre

12th October, 2016

On 12th October, 2016, Dr. Hugo Chan attended a meeting at the Shenzhen Luohu Legal Service Centre between Luohu Government and DeHeng Law Office. Those attending included Mr. Yu Xiufeng of DeHeng Law Office, Mr. Zuo Jin Ping, Deputy Director of Luohu District and Directors of Investment Promotion Bureau of Luohu District and Ministry of Justice, Luohu. Dr. Chan is the Deputy Director of the Shenzhen Luohu Legal Service Centre.


11th October, 2016

On 11 October, 2016, Dr. Hugo Chan attended the International Forum on Dispute Settlement Mechanism held by Hong Kong International Academy of the Belt and Road. Dr. Chan is one of the International Advisors of Hong Kong International Academy of the Belt and Road.

Professor Wang Guiguo together with The Honorable Grand Judge Madam He,
Vice President of the People's Supreme Court,
The People's Republic of China

Dr. Hugo Chan with Professor Guiguo WANG and Professor Wang Yongwei,
Vice-president, The College of Judges,
The Supreme People’s Court of the People’s Republic of China

Dr. Hugo Chan with Dean of Zhejiang University, Guanghua Law School

A Session with the Beijing Chaoyang Lawyers Association

“Becoming a High-Performing Organisation Amidst Turbulent Times”

On the 3rd March, 2016, the partners of Liau, Ho & Chan; Dr. June Liau, Dr. Hugo Chan & Mr. Louis Pong; addressed the Beijing Chaoyang Lawyers’ Association on the subject “Becoming a High-Performing Organization Amidst Turbulent Times”.

This session is the fifth of a series of talks on the management of law firms on the international playing field with Dr. June Liau, as the keynote speaker with input from Dr. Hugo Chan and Mr. Louis Pong.

Dr. Liau has written a book entitled “7 Razor Sharp Principles” which speaks of practical fast track key methodologies to sharpen leadership and management skills for corporate productivity packed with a wealth of real life illustrations citing unique insights and strategies that have worked for multi-corporations.

The session was chaired by Mr. Michael Liu, Chairman of the Committee of Law Firm Managing Partners, and graced by Chaoyang Lawyers Association Vice President Liu Guang Chao. The topics for the session on leadership and management encompassed not only collaboration but a demonstration of harmonious communication and understanding of almost three decades among the speakers. The attendees were moved by what they heard with an active and participative Q & A session.

Dr. Hugo Chan started with his opening remarks and introduced the journey taken by the 3 partners and their team. Dr. Hugo also gave a summary of the respective practices and achievements of the partners. In sharing such a current topic on “Becoming a High-Performing Organization Amidst Turbulent Times”, Dr. Liau spoke with great passion and conviction. She emphasized on two fundamental infrastructural principles:

Firstly, the Sigmoid Curve principle propounded by Charles Handy and its four stage life cycle (inception, growth, maturity and decline) applicability to any business. She cautioned against a spiral death when the organization fails to re-invent at the maturity stage by starting the second S curve. That’s how successful and healthy organizations are able to withstand the test of time and stay on top of the waves of success.

Secondly, Dr. Liau touched on the Tribal Leadership Principle coined by Logan, King & Fischer-Wright. The dynamics of employees are pegged on a scale of 1 to 5 with 2% of hostile employees, 25% disgruntled employees, 49% employees living the “I” culture, 22% believing in team spirit and 2% challenged to undertake anything for the organization.

Core values and the culture of an organization were touched on in correlation to long-term objectives.

Mr. Pong spoke in detail on the effectiveness of the spirit of empowerment which he has personally practised in Liau, Ho & Chan resulting in mutual recognition, respect and encouragement among employees across the board for long-term stability and growth.

The attendees appreciated the transparency, openness and honesty of the speakers who frankly disclosed that the journey was not without pain and tears, and often times disagreements. They adhered to the firm’s core values and mission statement with long17term goals and staying close-knit.

Vice-President Liu expressed his hope that every managing partner who is a member of the Association would read Dr. Liau’s book for inspiration during these turbulent times. The book is easy reading, the theories practical and fresh, wealth of examples both theoretical and practical to becoming a high-performing organization.

The event was described by President Liu as a “spiritual baptism” and has impacted the audience beyond the technical and processing levels of communication, touching the depth of the soul. He is looking at a repeat with greater attendance from the members and whether this event can be held in Hong Kong

21st September, 2010

Professor Frederick Ma Si-Hang (馬時亨教授)

speaking on

"The Role of Hong Kong and Shanghai as Financial Centres of China".

13th July, 2010

Professor Wang Guiguo (王貴國教授)

Dean & Chair of Chinese & Comparative Law,
School of Law of City University of Hong Kong

speaking on

"The Rule of Law and the Role of Hong Kong".

22nd November, 2010

The Hon, Dr. C.Y. Leung (梁振英先生)

Chief Executive of Hong Kong SAR
Ex-Convenor of the Executive Council of Hong Kong SAR

speaking on

"The Housing and Property Market of Hong Kong".

Mr. Hugo Chan


Professor Wang Mu,
President of China Institute of Criminology


Mr. YU Xiufeng


DeHeng Law Offices( Shenzhen)

Mr. Louis Pong speaking to a major bank on Urban Renewal


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