How to find a China-Appointed Attesting Officer (CAAO) in Hong Kong?

by: Dr June Liau

What are China-Appointed Attesting Officers (CAAOs) and what can they do to help me?

CAAO serves as ‘the Chinese version’ of a notary public. (click here for details of our notary public service) As per the current PRC law, CAAOs are the only professionals that are authorized to:

  • verify, register and stamp documents to enable their usage in China
  • act as the ‘middleman’ and send verified documents to the designated institution for final approval
  • perform all other tasks equivalent to a notary public

When do I need to look for a CAAO, i.e. what kind of documents do I need to seek CAAO verification?

Common documents that require CAAO endorsement includes:

  • Documents issued by the HKSAR government, e.g. Birth or Death Certificate, HKID, Passport, etc
  • Certificate of Absence of Marriage Record
  • Certificate of power of attorney (POA)
  • Property Sale and Purchase Contract and Property Mortgage Contract
  • Most company records, e.g. Annual Return, Decision of the board of directors, etc
  • Most legal declarations, e.g. application for Mainland family members to live in Hong Kong, forfeiture of inheritance, etc

How can I find a CAAO?

LHC provides excellent Mainland Attestation and Declaration Services–swift, easy and no hassle. Our professionals are appointed by the Ministry of Justice of the PRC as CAAO. We will guide you through step-by-step and will tell you exactly what you will need. You can also find the list of CAAO’s on the CAAO’s website.

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